L'Etang ULYSSE welcomes you !

Destination authenticity

Located in Lassicourt, in the department of Aube (10), this beautiful gravel pit of 4 hectares is the preferred playground for demanding fishermen.

With its 15 years of age, it contains treasures of an authentic rarity.

A few years ago, more than 500 carp were released on this body of water!

A few years ago, more than 500 carp were released on this lake !
Koi carp and the few sturgeons are as many reasons to enjoy your stay by associating technical fishing with leisure fishing.
 The average depth is 3 meters with a bottom of 5 meters.





An ideal location

The lake is located at 1h30 from Paris.
The Etang ULYSSE Pond, located just outside the village of Lassicourt, covers a total area of 6 hectares.
Easy to access, the ULYSSE pond is not far from the main road. The site is fully fenced and closed, which is very pleasant for your pets! They can run freely within the grounds.
The gate is secured with a digital code. 
Many shops nearby:
Etang ULYSSE is about 3 kilometers from Brienne Le Château, where there are two large supermarkets, a bakery, a tobacconist, several restaurants, etc.
35 km away: The city of Troyes, where the Mac Arthur Glen and Marques Avenue factory stores are located.

Perfect conditions

It is possible to fish from different places. The most luxurious of them is the accommodation, but in total there are 4 locations. You decide where you want to fish! 
3 or 4 fishermen can settle down only a few meters from the accommodation and its covered terrace, which constitutes a real place of conviviality.
During the day, it is possible to catch fish on sight, which makes your fishing very exciting!
It is possible to go out on the water by boat, which is extremely pleasant and completes the angling experience! Don't forget to bring and put on your life jacket!

No-Kill is mandatory as well as all provisions for fish safety. 

    Un confort exceptionnel     

A great place for families, or for carp anglers who want real comfort.

The large covered terrace makes you feel like you are living outside and on vacation!
A beautiful accommodation has been built on the waterfront. It consists of a large room with a shower and a separate toilet. In addition, there is a fully equipped kitchen, with gas stove, refrigerator, freezer for your bait, a double bed and a convertible sofa bed for 2 people. In total there are 4 sleeping places. A dining area, a television and a beautiful covered terrace complete the picture. Pillows, comforters and bed linen are provided. Pets are allowed.

The owner remains at your disposal during your stay